William I. Wolff


Professional Statement

My goal as a photographer is to compose images that suggest. Depending on the location, time of day, subject, and media used, my images suggest a story or a history or a feeling. If I am successful the image suggests all three. The media I use to make my photographs are essential to the compositions themselves—the camera, the film (if any), the subject, and my goals for the image must complement each other.

I take great pleasure in the tactile technologies of photography: loading film, adjusting f-stops, reading contact sheets. I prefer film to digital, toy camera to professional, and my collection of plastic and antique film cameras continues to grow. Toy and antique cameras provide unexpected mystery, and because I teach, work with, and conduct research on new media technologies, a welcome detachment from the digital. They, like many of my subjects, suggest in their structures and technologies the presence of history.

For example, in Chocolates, I have created a series of photographs that suggest the ethereal qualities of landscapes in the early morning fog. The photos were made using a Polaroid 250 Land Camera and expired Polaroid Chocolate peel-apart film. In a time when apps replicate vintage cameras, the chocolate-brown tones and textures resulting from the film’s wet emulsions suggest more emotionally and affectively a heightened sense of silence and mystery that comes with being in natural settings surrounded by fog.

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and Digital Media at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. I was named a 2013 Delaware Division of the Arts Fellow in the category of Visual Arts—Photography. My photographs have been shown in solo and group exhibits in Delaware, New Jersey, Texas, and Utah.

I live in Media, PA, with my beautiful wife, Wendy, and our sons Hydan and Seeger.


  • Ph.D., English (Computers and English Concentration), August 2006, The University of Texas at Austin
  • M.A., English and Creative Writing, August 1997, University of Cincinnati
  • B.A., English (departmental honors), June 1994, Union College (New York)

Recent Academic Positions


Recent Refereed Publications

Recent National and International Conference Presentations

  • Wolff, B. (2016). The Ethics and Archives of Doing Social Media Research. Computers and Writing Conference. Rochester, NY.
  • Wolff, B. (2015, May). “In the Quick of the Night”: Fanzines, Analog Technologies, and the Processes of Writing from the Margins. Computers and Writing Conference. Stout, WI.
  • Wolff, B. (2014, June). Writing on the Edge of the World: Springsteen Fans and the Writing Practices of In Situ Concert Tweeting. Computers and Writing Conference. Pullman, WA.
  • Wolff, B. (2013, November). “Born in the E.U., I Was Born in the E.U.!”: Bruce Springsteen, European Fan Tweets, and the Importance of Locality. European Fandom and Fan Studies Conference. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Recent Honors, Fellowships, and Awards

  • Wall of Fame for Excellence in Teaching, Faculty Center, Rowan University, 2014
  • Emerging Artist Fellowship, Delaware Division of the Arts. 2012 – 2013. ($3000)
  • Junior Faculty Innovative Teaching Award (honorable mention), Rowan University, 2008
  • Professional Development Award, University of Texas at Austin, 2004